Nizamabad: Abducted Baby Slips Out Of Bag, Locals Beat Up Kidnapper

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Nizamabad: In the Nizamabad district, an assailant tried to kidnap a child by wrapping her in a bag. As luck would have it, the child fell out of the bag after the bag opened and she was rescued.

The incident took place at Nadukuda village in Velpur Mandal of Nizamabad district.  A miscreant tried to kidnap a little girl hiding her in his bag. However, his attempt failed and the criminal act was exposed. He was bashed up by the locals. 

Family members and relatives of the child breathed a sigh of relief that the child had, fortunately, survived the abduction. Here go the details of the incident.

A miscreant on Wednesday (April 7th) wrapped a baby in a bag and carried her on a bicycle. But the baby fell out when the bag accidentally slipped.

The villagers, noticing the child slipping from the bag, and realizing that something was wrong, grabbed the kidnapper and beat him to the bones. The kidnapper was later handed over to the police for further investigation.

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