NIT Durgapur Student Death Mystery Solved

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A final year student of engineering at the prestigious National Institute of Technology (NIT), Durgapur in West Bengal, was kidnapped and killed in West Godavari district. It is learnt that the victim was a homosexual and had relationship with one, Satyanarayana. He would regularly interact with him on a mobile app.

Vamsi used to meet him regularly. On Tuesday, Vamsi had gone out and did not return home. Later, the kidnapper called Vamsi’s father demanding ransom. They also warned Vamsi’s father of dire consequences if he informed the police.

So Vamsi’s father went to the spot, but did not find the kidnappers. On his way home, he found his son’s dead body lying in the fields near a sugar factory.

Meanwhile, police arrested one of the kidnappers, Chintala Satyanarayana after primary investigation in the case. The police further said that the accused called the victim’s father seeking ransom after killing Vamsi. He blackmailed Vamsi’s father that he will kill Vamsi if he did not pay the ransom.

The police are investigating the mobile app in which Vamsi contacted Satyanarayana. They are also searching whether more people are involved in the kidnap and the murder.

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