Netizens React To Ayesha's Suicide In Sabarmati

 - Sakshi Post

A 23 year old girl named Ayesha committed suicide by jumping into Sabarmati river in Ahmedabad on Thursday. Before committing suicide, she recorded a video and has sent it to her family members and her husband. In the video, she said that she wasn't ending her life under any pressure. She said that she would meet Allah. The video of Ayesha is going vrial on social media. Twitterati is saying that the video is heart wrenching. 

According to the reports, police have filed a case on her Rajasthan based husband and in laws. In 2018, she was married to Aarif Khan Gafurji from Jalore in Rajasthan.

One of the netizens tweeted that, "This video is heart wrenching..I couldn't stop my tears flowing when I listened her. She seems so innocent and tired of all b'ullshits happen with women on the name of religions. I hope from world to understand your pain & treat women nicely."

Another user wrote, "For all the parents especially those who have daughters. A divorced daughter is better than a dead daughter."

One more tweet from Twitter reads, "The video clip of Ayesha exposed our society of greed, lust and violence. We all wish a comfortable life for our sisters but sadly nobody is ready to talk about the violence that most women face after marriage. We simply forget that our partner is someone's sister too."

Here are some of the tweets from Twitter.

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