Nellore Town: Couple Brutally Murdered, Valuable Jewelry, Cash Stolen

Nellore Town: Couple Brutally Murdered, Valuable Jewelry, Cash Stolen - Sakshi Post

Nellore Town: A couple were found brutally murdered in the early morning hours of Sunday morning in Nellore district of Andhra Pradesh, which sent shockwaves in the colony by the nature of the crime. Valuable jewelry, gold ornaments and cash were found stolen from their house as per police reports.

As per reports, the couple identified as Sunitha and Krishna Rao were found in a pool of blood in their house in Ashok Nagar in the town. The milkman who had come to deliver milk first found Krishna Rao lying in front of the door of the house in a pool of blood and he immediately informed his brother. The couple's son was informed and he in turn called the Nellore Town police. After entering the house, they found Krishna Rao’s wife Sunitha lying dead in the bedroom. They both had multiple stab wounds and the house was found ransacked and items of jewelry were missing.

As per preliminary reports the cops suspect it to be a case of robbery and looking at the scene of the crime,  they might have been killed on Saturday night. Reports suggest Sunitha was first killed and the assailants might have killed Krishna Rao after he had just entered the house and was in front of the door. The cops suspect that he might have been killed by the assailants either to avoid being identified or they didn't expect him at the time of committing the crime. Initial reports point out that Sunitha was first killed and then Krishna Rao was killed near the entrance of the house.The robbers seemed to have escaped from the back door

Krishna Rao was running a hotel near the electricity department and would come home with the daily money collections. The police are also exploring other angles if it was preplanned murder and if the robbers were known to the couple as they had entered the house without any force.

CLUES teams have been called in and the police are checking the CCTV footage in the colony and nearby areas including the ASR Convention Centre and Mini Bypass Road near the colony. Police have registered a case and are investigating.

Further details are awaited…

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