Nellore: Forest Officers Seize Vehicle Smuggling Sandalwood With Watermelons

 - Sakshi Post

The forest officials seized a vehicle smuggling red sandalwood. The incident took place in Nellore district. According to Atmakur Ranger Hari, a mini truck loaded with red sandalwood has been caught on the Mumbai highway road at the Nellorepalem check post in Atmakur town.

Police tried to stop the mini truck with a load of watermelons which is going from Badvelu to Nellore on Saturday but the driver didn't stop the vehicle. The police chased the vehicle and stopped it. When police questioned the driver and the cleaner, both of them espaced leaving the vehicle.

The forest staff inspected the vehicle and found about 30 red sandalwood logs worth Rs. 3.49 lakh under the watermelon. The vehicle along with red sandalwood has been shifted to Atmakur Forest Department office.

Red sandalwood, which grows naturally in the forests of Seshachalam and Lankamalla in Kadapa district, is in high demand abroad. The forest and police departments are taking all the measures to save the rare and invaluable red sandalwood forests from the clutches of smugglers.

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