NCB Witness in Aryan Khan Drug Case, Fake

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New details in the Aryan Khan Drug case keep coming and it gets more complicated with each passing day. Now the latest update is that the name 'Sam D'Souza,' whose name surfaced in claims of a bribe to NCB in the Aryan case, has been identified as a resident of Palghar, Maharashtra. It was confirmed that his name and profile were presumably used to create a false identity.

Someone from Palghar named Hanik Bafna (35) registered a complaint with the police superintendent saying he received too many messages and calls in the past few days from people claiming his involvement in the Aryan Khan case. Someone used his picture and phone number and spread it as being of one, 'Sam D'Souza'.

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He requested the police for assistance, claiming that a witness in the case, Prabhakar Sail, used his (Bafna) photo and phone number and said that he overheard a man named Sam D'Souza along with another person, K P Gosavi, discuss a Rs 25-crore offer to get Aryan out of jail on October 3. According to Bafna, his WhatsApp profile photo and a really old phone number were used and spread as that of Sam D'Souza's.

Sanjay Raut of the Shiv Sena later alleged that the man identified as D'Souza was the biggest money launderer and had close ties to politicians.

Police are currently investigating and trying to verify claims made by Bafna. They need to verify if he really has no connection to the case and there really is no Sam D'Souza.

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