Nandyal TDP Leaders Attack Family, Chop Off Elderly Woman's Fingers In Land Dispute

 - Sakshi Post

KURNOOL: Telugu Desam Party (TDP) leaders in the district not only seized an elderly woman's land but also cut off the fingers when she protested against their atrocity. The incident occurred on Monday, where the TDP cadre chopped off two fingers of the hapless woman in an attack against her family over a land dispute case.

As per reports, a couple named Dudekula Khasim and Fathamma owned 2.80 acres of agricultural land in Kanala village in Nandyal mandal in Kurnool district. Khasim died a few years ago and Fathamma was living with her three sons. Her elder son Hussain Peera was cultivating the land.

TDP activists from neighbouring Rythunagaram village who set their eyes on the land wanted to grab it, and for that they created false sale deeds that Dudekula Khasim had sold the land to them sometime ago. They also entered these details online. Fathemma along with her three sons filed a case against them in the Nandyal Principal Civil Court seeking justice. Even as the case was pending, the three TDP activists named Bejawada Narendra Kumar, Venkateswarulu and Srinivasalu, tried to forcibly sell the land. Upon which Fathemma put a signboard saying that the land was under dispute and installed it in the farmland.

On Monday afternoon, when Fathemma had gone to work on the land, the goons attacked her. Her family members on getting to know about the attack on their mother rushed to the fields to save her and in the process they were also assaulted by them. The TDP leaders tried to pull down the board by tying it to a tractor. Seeing that Fathemma rushed forward to stop them, but then they attacked her with sickle and chopped two of her fingers. Her family rushed her to the Nandyal Government Hospital, but as the fingers were completely severed, she had to be admitted to the Kurnool Government Hospital.

Based on her son Hussain Peera's complaint against the three TDP leaders, Nandyal Rural SI Sudhakara Reddy filed a criminal case against them.

There have been many reports of such atrocities of the TDP cadre in the Nandyal constituency of Kurnool district off late. Recently, Subbarayudu, a Dalit leader from Ponnapuram village, was murdered. On Sunday, there was a murder attempt on Satyanarayana Shetty a member of the Aryavaishya Sangham. This attack on Monday on the old hapless woman was the recent such attack by the local TDP leaders, locals say.

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