Nandyal Family Suicide Case: Selfie Video Surfaces, Police Harassment Cited

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KURNOOL: A selfie video has surfaced in the suicide case of Sheikh Abdul Salam and his family members in Nandyal,where the victim cited police harassment as the cause for him and his family to commit suicide.

According to Nandyal police, Abdul Salam, 45, of Rojakunta in  Nandyal district along with his wife Noorjahan, 38, daughter Salma, 14, and son Dada Khalandhar, 10, committed suicide by falling under a goods train. Their bodies were found scattered on the Kaulir railway tracks near the Panyam railway station on November 3rd.

As per reports, Abdul Salam had lost work in a gold shop that he was working after he was charged of theft. He purchased an auto to fend for his family while his wife was working as a teacher in a school.

He said to have worked in the gold shop for more than 20 years and was quite distressed that a theft case was filed against him

In the selfie video which was purportedly taken before committing suicide, he claimed that the police were the cause of him committing suicide, as no one was coming forward to help him and or his family and he had no other option. In a tearful message along with his family members, he lamented that the police had unfairly framed him in the case. It is reported that that the local police on Monday summoned Abdul Salam to the station for questioning in the case and were harassing him. He felt that it unnecessary to live in these circumstances and had decided to commit suicide along with his wife and two children .

Check out the video here:

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