Murder Captured On CCTV As People Remain Mute Spectators In Delhi’s Sunder Nagri

Delhi Crime: Video of youth being stabbed  60 times by group of men in Sunder Nagri goes viral - Sakshi Post

DELHI: Residents of Sunder Nagri remained mute spectators when a brutal murder where a man was mercilessly stabbed to death by a group of men as they watched the whole crime unfold in front of their eyes. 

The incident happened in northeast Delhi's Sunder Nagri area on Saturday, where the victim identified as Manish, was stabbed indiscriminately by a group of men, even as a man sitting on a chair and one standing sat watching the whole incident. What was shocking was that they did not stop the men. In the CCTV footage of the incident, a group of men are seen stabbing the victim repeatedly and walking away and one of them comes back to take his cap and stabs Manish again. They leave the place and are not stopped by those who were watching the whole incident unfold in front. It is reported that he was stabbed 60 times and was declared "brought dead" to a hospital.

Delhi police arrested three suspects - Aalam, Bilal, and Faizan and said that this was a killing due to old enmities. They were apparently threatening Manish to withdraw an old case and even warned him and his family several times. He was killed for giving testimony and was stabbed in front of his own house.

Police have registered a case and have deployed forces in the area to prevent any outbreak of violence.

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