Mumbai: Minor Kidnapped, Raped For 8 Years After Injecting Aphrodisiacs

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Mumbai police arrested four people for kidnapping a 16-year-old girl and raped her for eight years by injecting her with aphrodisiacs.

The minor alleged that her neighbour had been sexually assaulting her after forcing her to take aphrodisiacs in the form of tablets and injection. She further said that the man's wife also knew about it. The couple was arrested but they denied the allegations made by the girl.

The victim had also complained about two other men, her paternal uncle and his 19-year-old son. She told that her uncle had taken her from Andheri to Uttar Pradesh to get her married. But the cousin got into a relationship with her to extract money from her family.

The local Amboli police recovered a 27-page note which was written by the girl to her parents. One of the officials said, "The note written by the girl states that she was addicted to the tablets. She also mentioned that the neighbour threatened her with a video clip of him raping her and started blackmailing." With this, she eventually went into depression, he further added.

Based on a kidnap case filed by her father, the police travelled to Delhi and Uttar Pradesh and rescued the girl. Her uncle and cousin were arrested on Sunday.

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