Mukesh Ambani Mumbai Residence Antilia Security Beefed Up After Taxi Driver Alerts Cops

Mukesh Ambani Mumbai Residence Antilia Security Beefed Up After Taxi Driver Alerts Cops - Sakshi Post

Two suspicious-looking individuals were asking for directions to Mukesh Ambani's residence, according to a taxi driver who called the control centre.

On February 26, there was heightened security outside Antilia on Altamount Road.

Earlier this year, Antilia made headlines when a bomb-laden SUV was discovered nearby.

Ambani News: On Monday, police strengthened security outside Antilia, Mukesh Ambani's residence, after a cab driver reported two suspicious-looking men in a private vehicle asking for information about the structure. They've established nakabandis throughout town.

According to police sources, the taxi driver recorded the licence plate number of the private cab, but it does not exist. As a consequence, nakabandi has been reported to all police stations in the city.

According to sources, the taxi driver phoned the control centre at about 1 p.m. on Monday to say that a grey private cab driver and his passenger were seeking directions to Ambani's home on Altamount Road. He ran into the couple across the street from Killa Court.

The motorist was frightened and promptly alerted the police, as Antilia was in the headlines earlier this year after a bomb-laden SUV was discovered nearby, they added.

Many individuals ask for directions, according to the taxi driver, but these men and their body language were suspicious, according to reports.

"The taxi driver got suspicious and he informed the control room as well as the local police. We are investigating his claims," a senior IPS officer told Mid-day.

"We checked the private cab’s number with the Regional Transport Office (RTO) database, but it doesn’t exist. We are trying to corroborate the number with the CCTV camera footage," the officer added.

Three grey automobiles were spotted passing by the Killa court with their licence plates obscured, prompting police to broaden the area for the study of CCTV camera material.

Both men were dressed in black trousers and T-shirts, according to the cab driver's statement, and the passenger had long hair, according to the cab driver's statement.

With the aid of the cab driver's description, Mumbai police are working on a drawing. They've also notified Ambani's security, who are taking precautions as well.

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