Money Flows Out Of Drainage Pipe At Bengaluru PWD Engineer's House

 - Sakshi Post

The Karnataka Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) recently conducted a raid at the home of a junior engineer in the Public Works Department. The video, which was taken by those ACB officials, is going viral on the internet. 

Yes, this is because ACB officers have taken out wads of cash and gold ornaments from the drainage pipe of the PWD employee's house. 

Going into details, the ACB officers raided JE Shantagouda Biradar's house in Kalaburagi, suspected that he had acquired an immense amount of wealth in the course of his tenure. When the ACB team knocked on the door of Biradar, reports claim that he took more than 10 minutes to open the door, which made their suspicions come true. 

According to the information received by the anti-corruption officers, they called a plumber to cut open a PVC pipe inside the junior engineer's house. Once the plumber cut open the pipe, officials found bundles of cash and gold ornaments stuffed inside it.

An official said that a total of Rs 13.5 lakh in cash was recovered from the PVC pipe, and around Rs 6 lakh in cash was taken from a ceiling inside the home of the PWD junior engineer.

Biradar is currently working as a junior engineer at PWD, Jewargi sub-division. He joined the service in the Zilla Panchayat sub-division in 1992. His service was confirmed in the year 2000.

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