Miss Telangana 2018 Live Streams Suicide, Saved By Narayanaguda Cops

Miss Telangana 2018 attempts suicide in Hyderabad, saved - Sakshi Post

HYDERABAD: A young woman who was a former Miss Telangana, allegedly tried to kill herself and even live-streamed her suicide attempt on social media platforms in the city on Thursday.

The woman was identified as Hasini and her friends who saw the video immediately called 100 and informed the police. Narayanaguda police rushed to the flat and rescued her at the nick of time. The woman was living in an apartment at Road No. 6 in Himayatnagar. She was taken to Apollo Hospitals in Hyderguda for medical treatment.

According to the police, the young woman was a model and had won the Miss Telangana title in the year 2018. She is said to have recently, lodged a complaint against a youngster in Jubilee Hills police station for sexually harassing her.

The police registered a case and are investigating the matter as to why she attempted suicide just days after registering the complaint.

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