Minor Girl Calls Mahbubnagar District SP Directly To Stop Her Marriage

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Mahbubnagar: A girl called the Mahbubnagar district SP alleging that her parents were forcibly marrying her. Local police immediately rushed to the spot and stopped the child marriage.

Her dream is to get a higher education, get a good job, and support her family. But the daughter was looked down upon by her parents. They wanted to get her married quickly and get the pressure off of their responsibilities.

Parents did not care how much the girl insisted that she would study and not ruin her life. Taking courage, the girl called the district SP and told the matter. The incident took place in the Mahbubnagar district.

Venkatamma, a native of Kottapalli in the Nawabpeta Mandal of Mahbubnagar district, has three daughters. Two of them are already married. The third daughter is studying in the tenth class. Chennayya and Venkatamma felt that if they married her too, their responsibility would be fulfilled. They an alliance for the girl for marriage with a man and arranged for the wedding. The parents did not hear how much ever the girl insisted that she wanted to study further.

The victim called the district SP Remma Rajeshwari herself directly and told her about the forcible marriage taking place. Local police who came to the premises on SP's orders went to the girl’s house and stopped the child marriage. The Police were incensed when the girl told them that her parents were forcibly marrying her. After giving them counseling, the girl was shifted to Bala Sadan in Mahbubnagar.

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