Man Kills Leopard To Protect Wife And Daughter In Karnataka

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A man killed a leopard in Karnataka’s Hassan district when it attacked him and his family. Rajagopal Naik, a resident of Arasikere taluk in Hassan district, was travelling home on a motorcycle with his wife Chandramma and their child Kiran when a leopard leapt at them from the bushes.

The leopard bit the child’s leg and tried to attack his wife when Rajagopal showed his bravery and grabbed the animal by its neck and hit it on the head. The leopard tried to break free and in the process, swiped at Rajagopal. However, Rajagopal did not let go and tightened his hold around the leopard’s neck. The leopard later died of suffocation.

Rajagopal also suffered injuries to his face and forehead in the fight. Several locals had gathered at the spot of the incident where Rajagopal, with a bloody forehead, sitting next to the corpse of the leopard. Immediately Rajagopal and his family were later taken to a hospital for treatment. 

Forest officials were also called to the spot and the body of the leopard was taken away. The body has been sent to a veterinary hospital for an autopsy. This is the second incident in the past two days from Karnataka of an animal-human conflict where a leopard has attacked a resident. According to Rajagopal, the leopard was perhaps hungry, tired, thirsty and weak as it was being tracked for the past few days. It had been on the run due. This may have made it difficult to escape the mob and succumbed to injuries.

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