Madanapalle Double Murder A Real Life Horror Story With Gory Incidents: Shocking Details Inside

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Madanapalle double murder case created a sensation across the country. Highly educated parents have allegedly killed their two daughters beleiving the concept of re-birth. Purushottam Naidu and Padmaja are the main accused in the case.

Doctors confirmed that they have been suffering from pyschological problems. We have seen some of video clips in which Padmaja was saying that the police have foiled their efforts to bring their children back to this world. When police were trying to perform coronavirus test on Padmaja, she said that there is no corona and the dangerous virus has come from Shiva's hair; she is also a form of Shiva. During the investigation, Purushottam Naidu also said that her daughter Alekhya was the form of Arjuna and believed her words.

Now, coming to the concept whether one could believe in tantric pujas and black magic? Scientifically, it is proven that there is no such thing. But, in the Madanapalle case what happened is the mystery. Such highly educated and respected people in the society have fallen prey to the black magic and what is the reason behind their behaviour. Who influenced them to do such pujas? Will pyschological problems drive them to such an extent? All these years, how have they handled themselves.

Police have questioned Subba Ramaiah, a tantrik who performed pujas at Purushottam Naidu's house. According to the reports, Ramaiah said that they have been mentally well when he visited Purushottam Naidu's house on January 23rd. He also said that when he went their home, Purushottam Naidu was in his daughter's room and they didn't open the room for some time. They had to break open the latch of the door and Subba Ramaiah found them in a different state of mind.

He said that he performed puja and later made Alekhya drink milk. He further stated that he have given them sacred amulets and rudraksh and left the place. Rumours are also doing the rounds that Padmaja has eaten the tongue of Alekhya before killing her. Isn't this story more or less similar to that of a horror movie? Most of the people would say a big Yes. 

Police are investigating in all the possible angles to know what has happened actually. Purushottam Naidu and Padmaja have been shifted to RUIA, Tirupati for treatment.

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