Madanapalle Double Murder: Alekhya's Boyfriend Devastated

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Madanapalle: Madanapalle Double Murder case which garnered a lot of interest has been moving along with many twists and turns lately. From superstitious beliefs to suicide pact to an intervention of black magic, this case keeps getting twisted and twisted. Now, the latest twist being the boyfriend's involvement in the case.

Padmaja, 50, who administers a popular educational institution in Madanapalle, allegedly killed her two daughters, Alekhya, 27, and Divya Sai, 22, after reportedly stabbing them with a trident and later bludgeoning them with dumb-bells.

While Alekhya was employed at the Central Forest Research Institute in Bhopal, the second girl had completed her bachelor’s in music and was training at the A.R. Rehman’s music academy. Husband of the accused, Purshotham Naidu, is principal of Madanapalle-based Government Degree College for Women.

Believing that they would be able to bring back the dead or resurrect the dead, the couple Padmaja and Purshotham Naidu allegedly bludgeoned their two daughters to death with dumbbells at their residence in Andhra Pradesh’s Madanapalle in Chittoor district.

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The horrific incident came to light on Sunday, January 24th. The couple, identified as V Padmaja and V Purshotham Naidu, believed that they had special powers that would help them revive their dead daughters, police said

As the Madanapalle police are examining various angles which lead to the murder of the two girls. Another set of reports going around suggest that after the elder daughter Alekhya was killed, her phone kept on ringing as her boyfriend was calling her and trying to contact her in various ways. And the parents irritated with it might have switched off her phone.

After the boyfriend's repeated attempts to contact Alekhya had failed. As there was no response, and in a panic-stricken state the boyfriend reached her residence to get in touch with her as a last resort. When he reached the residence and got to know the situation, shocked, he immediately is said to have contacted the Police, their relatives, and the neighbors.

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Reports are also going on that Padmaja might have been hypnotized and taken into a trance by someone and made them commit these murders of the daughters for the property she received from her parents worth Rs 5 Crores.  Police are investigating all possible angles to uncover the truth.

The Deputy SP said the couple lodged in Madanapalle sub-jail is showing signs of getting back to normal. Reports are also saying that the couple is now repenting for what has happened to their daughters.

Police have now shifted the accused in the sensational Madanapalle case to the Visakhapatnam Psychiatric Hospital for further treatment.

Krishnamacharya, a Disha Case lawyer from Hyderabad, has decided to provide legal assistance to the accused in Madanapalle double murder case.

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