Madanapalle Case Repeats In Palakkad: Kerala Woman Intentionally Kills Son To Please God

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Palakkad: After the Madanapalle double murder case, other such cases with superstition as the base are coming to light. In a shocking incident that occurred in Kerala, a woman allegedly killed her 6 year-old son in order to please the God.

The accused woman identified as Shahida is a native of Palakkad Poolakkad. On Sunday midnight at 4am, Shahida woke her younger son, Aamil and took him to the bathroom. There she tied him up with ropes so that he doesn’t move and killed Aamil by slitting his throat.

Shahida is three months pregnant and is a Madrasa teacher. She lives with her Husband Sulaiman and three kids. While Shahida was in the bathroom with Aamil, the father and other two children were sleeping in other room and had no idea about anything.

Shahida herself went to the neighbor’s house and informed them about the act she committed. She later called the Janamaithri police and confessed everything. When the police arrived, is when the rest of the family members realized what had happened.

The police reported that the family members and neighbors could not what Shahida did as they believed she was not superstitious. But during the investigation, Shahida revealed that she sacrificed her third son to God.

Shahida said that she received a call from the above, from the Lord Almighty itself and following the will of God, she sacrificed her third son. Police registered the FIR and an investigation is now underway. It is being reported that the mother was probably suffering from some kind of mental illness.

Palakkad District Police Chief Viswanath R said that nothing is confirmed as of now. The real reason behind the murder will be established after further investigation and examination.

This is the second such case that has come to light. Earlier the Madanapalle double murder case is what shook the nation where mother killed her two daughters in an act of superstition.

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