Kurnool: Adoni Cops Rescue Man From Being Run Over By Train

 - Sakshi Post

Police saved a man on rail tracks with just milliseconds to spare before the speeding train hits him. The incident took place in Adoni of Kurnool district. The man who was identified as Raghavendra tried to commit suicide under the influence the alcohol at Adoni railway station.

A passenger who spotted him, dialed 100 and gave information to the police. The cops who received the information reached the spot and rescued the person. Two Town Police Station SI and other cops rescued Raghavendra and from there he was taken to the police station. 

During the interrogation, Raghavendra told police that he was vexed up with the life and wanted to end his life. Police gave counselling to Raghavendra and later they called wife and parents of the person. The family members of Raghavendra thanked police for saving the life by responding in a timely manner.

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