Kathi Mahesh Death Suspicious, Says Father

 - Sakshi Post

The death of leading film critic and actor Kathi Mahesh has raised suspicion. Kathi Mahesh died at the Apollo Hospital in Chennai last Saturday after being involved in a road accident. Kathi Mahesh's funeral was held on Monday at Yalamanda in his hometown Chittoor district's Yarravaripalem zone. MRPS chief Manda Krishna Madiga, who was present at the funeral, expressed suspicions over Mahesh's death.

He demanded an inquiry with a sitting judge into Mahesh's death. Recently, his father Obuleshu too expressed doubts over Mahesh's death. He said that the news about Mahesh's death had come out even before they knew it. He urged the government to hold a judicial inquiry into the death of Kathi Mahesh and uncover the facts. Obuleshu pleaded that since he can't run around for this case, the government should ensure justice to them.

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