Kannada Bigg Boss Contestant Jayashree Ramaiah Dies By Suicide

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BENGALURU: Kannada actress and ex- Bigg-boss contestant, Jayashree Ramaiah was found dead on Monday (Jan 25). According to reports, Jayashree was found hanging in an old-age and rehabilitation centre in Bengaluru.

Jayashree was battling depression and was undergoing treatment at Sandhya Kirana Ashram, where her body was recovered. Her close relatives confirmed that she was going through depression and even felt suicidal multiple times.

When Jayashree stopped responding to any of the calls and messages, the family members got worried and called up the rehabilitation centre. The centre’s staff later found her hanging.

Investigation is taking place and a case was also registered with Madanayakanahalli police station.


Jayashree made her acting debut with Imran Sardhariya's directional movie 'Uppu Huli Khara' in 2017. She also worked in movies like Kannad Gothilla. Mayuraa Raghavendra who worked with her in Kannad Gothilla expressed his shock and said he is yet to come to terms with it.

Jayashree Ramaiah was one of the contestants in Bigg Boss Kannada season 3. She got fairly popular during her time in the house but got eliminated in the second week itself. Post her departure from the show, she was not able to bag many projects. It was reported that other Bigg Boss contestants received offers, but Jayashree didn’t get many offers.

IN 2020

Back in June 2020, the actress shared a post on Facebook admitting she cannot fight anymore and hinting that she will end her life. "I quit. Goodbye to this f***ing world and depression,” wrote the actor. But soon she deleted her post and reassured Netizens that she is fine.

"I'm Alright and safe!! Love you all,” read her new post.

On July 25, Jayashree went live on Facebook and shared everything. She admitted to battling depression and said all this is not for publicity. She added that she does not want any financial help from Kannada star Kiccha Sudeep, who earlier consoled her.

"I am not doing all of this for publicity sake. I am not expecting financial help from Sudeep sir as well. I am only expecting my death as I am unable to battle depression. I am financially strong but depressed. I have been going through a lot of personal issues. I have been betrayed since childhood and unable to overcome it,” she said.  

Jayashree's death has shocked the industry and her fans. Mayuraa Raghavendra who worked with her in Kannad Gothilla was one of the first ones to express his shock.

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