Kadapa: Prasanna Kumar Involved In Job Fraud, Theft, Luring Women, Blackmail, Extortion Arrested

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YSR Kadapa: A 23-year-old B Tech dropout was arrested on Sunday for several crimes including theft, job fraud, luring women into sexual relations, and then blackmailing them for money. All this was to fund his lavish lifestyle which he got into after discontinuing his Bachelor’s degree in technology.

Kadapa DSP B Sunil Kumar disclosed the details in a press conference on Sunday. He said that the accused identified as C Prasanna Kumar, alias Prashant Reddy, alias Rajareddy and alias Tony was arrested by the police on Chautapalli Road on Saturday evening. A resident of Geethasathram street in Proddatur town he took to crime to lead a lavish life since 2017.

He was involved in chain snatching and a house break-in case in 2017 at Proddatur and went to jail in various cases which were registered under II town, III town, and Chapadu Police stations, and was released on bail.

After coming out on bail he started luring young and middle-aged women on various social media platforms into a sexual relationship. He would then blackmail them with intimate images and videos and extorted large sums of money from the victims, the Kadapa DSP said.

After investigation, shocking facts were revealed about this where he is said to have trapped nearly 300 women from several places across Andhra Pradesh and Telangana and cheated them in this manner. None of them came forward to report the crime due to fear of shame. He forced the victims to pay him huge sums of money and took their jewellery too.

He also cheated a person named Srinivas from Nabikota in YSR Kadapa in December 2020 The victim met him through Share Chat and said that his name was  Raja Reddy and that he worked in the Secretariat in Hyderabad. The accused promised Srinivas that he would get him a job as an attender in the Secretariat. Trusting him Srinivas's mother sold her gold to give him money when Prashant said that his mother was ill. Later when Srinivas tried to contact Prashant Reddy several times he did not respond.

On July 29, he broke into a house in Kadapa Akkayapalle and stole about 30 grams of gold, jewelry from there. Kadapa police recovered Rs.1.26 lakh cash and 30 grams of gold jewellery from the possession of the accused. The police appealed to the victims to come forward and file complaints against the accused.

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