Kadapa: Chekka Bhajana Performer Throws Dhoti On Woman Leading To Violent Clashes On NYE

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KADAPA: New Year revelry organized at Mariyapuram in Kadapa town in Andhra Pradesh turned violent, after a man who was participating in the event threw his dhoti on a woman standing in the crowd on December 31.The incident came to light on Sunday after an attempt-to-murder case was filed in the Kadapa Taluk police limits.

Getting into details, on New Year's Eve locals in Mariyapuram arranged a 'Chekka Bhajana' programme, a very popular form of art in Rayalaseema region, where they use wooden pieces with bells to make music. Men wearing traditional dhotis perform this now-dying art.

As the event was happening, one of the participant's got carried away and in his over enthusiasm removed his dhoti and threw it at the crowd. The cloth fell on a woman standing there, which led to a heated argument between two groups.

One woman who spoke on behalf of the victim, questioned the man for his outrageous behaviour and the man slapped her during the argument. This led to a fight and a complaint was registered in the Kadapa Taluk Police station. The police conducted a counselling session for both the parties and sent them home.

However, after reaching home, both the parties attacked each other with swords, axes and sticks. In the violent clashes that ensued, seven were injured on one side and six on the other party. The police were called in and the injured were sent to RIMS Hospital in Kadapa for treatment.The condition of Manoj‌ (27), Augustine‌ (30) is said to be critical.

In addition, Srikanth, Prithviraj, Ramana, Penchalaya, Sriramudu and Reddy were injured. According to CI M Nagbhushanam, an attempt-to-murder case has been registered against 12 of them as per a complaint lodged by Srikanth. The other party members who were injured included Balasouri, Anand, Prashant, Prasad and Srinivas. According to Balasouri's complaint more than 11 people have been charged with attempted murder. Kadapa police have set up a picket in the place to avoid further clashes.

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