Jubilee Hills Tailor Murder Shocking Details Revealed: Video Call To Wife And More

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HYDERABAD: Shocking details related to the murder case of the tailor Mohd Siddiq Ahmed (38) whose body was found partly stuffed into a refrigerator in his house at Karmikanagar have emerged. The Jubilee Hills police are investigating the murder and as per reports, it was not the wife who killed the man.

It appears that a person named Ali who was allegedly having an affair with the deceased is said to have killed Siddiqui, with a blunt rod-like weapon. And after the murder, he made a video call to Siddiqui's wife Rubina and showed her the body through a video call.

Ali entered Siddiqui's house at around midnight on the 30th of last month and hit him hard on the head with the weapon. Siddiqui died after excessive bleeding. After making the video call he tried to dispose of it, but could not do so.

As all attempts failed, he finally tried stuffing the body into the fridge, but that also failed. He managed to shove the body partially into the fridge, with the head inside. He covered the face with a cloth and at the same time made a video call to Siddiqui's wife Rubina.

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According to the Task Force police investigation, Ali then bundled the blood-stained clothes and the weapon and put them in a bag and left the house. He later disposed of the bag. As per the CCTV camera footage near the victim’s house showed that a man had entered the house on Thursday. and left after five hours. The cell phone call details of the victim and his wife were also verified by the Jubilee Hills police, who informed that the investigation would be completed soon and the accused are likely to be brought before the media in a day or two.

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