Jagtial Man Forcibly Marries Kidnapped Girl, Blackmails Her With Photos

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A man forcibly kidnapped a girl who refused his love proposal and married her. He then took the photos and started blackmailing her. This incident took place in the Jagtial district of Telangana.

A few days ago, Bokkala Manisha from Jagtial district met Kurma Srikanth from Polasa village in Jagtial district. They spoke with each other a few times. Srikanth thought that she was loving him.

He proposed to her but Manisha didn't agree. He forced her to marry him. From that time, she was staying away from him. On December 10th, 2020, Srikanth kidnapped Manish with the help of Kurma Ramesh. Srikanth married Manisha in a temple in Jayaram. After a month, Manisha escaped from Srikanth somehow and reached Jagtial.

Srikanth threatened to kill her if she tells anyone about their marriage. Manisha who knew about the mentality of Srikanth feared and didn't tell anyone about their marriage.

Two days ago, Srikanth shared the photos of their marriage on WhatsApp with Manisha's younger siblings, Vinay and Manideep. 

Manisha who was unable to bear the torture of Srikanth finally went to the police station and filed a case. Jagtial Police registered a case and have arrested Srikanth and Kurma Ramesh.

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