Hyderabad Rape Case: Clarity Over Unregistered Innova Car Used For Crime

Hyderabad Rape Case: Clarity Over Unregistered Innova Car Used For Crime - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: Ten days have passed after a 17-year-old girl was allegedly gang-raped by five persons including four juveniles at an isolated place in Jubilee Hills in an Innova car. Speculations were floating in the media over the ownership of the vehicle. However, CV Anand, Hyderabad Commissioner of Police, at a press conference two days ago said that one of the juveniles had brought the car and a driver was driving it. When asked if it was an official vehicle, he answered that initially there was a ‘government vehicle’ sticker affixed on the car and it had a temporary registration number. The crime was allegedly committed in the  Innova vehicle and was later seized from the farmhouse of the TRS leader and is currently in police custody.

As per reports that have come in on Friday, the car was plying for the past three years within the city with a temporary registration.

The SUV was purchased in September 2019 and was not registered since then. The vehicle was allegedly registered in a lady’s name and financed from 2020.

As per the Motor Vehicles Act, a car/vehicle should be registered within 30 days of its purchase. Plying an unregistered vehicle attracts a penalty of Rs 2,000. There are many vehicles in the city which are plying without registration or number plates and with black film tint which are being used for criminal activities.

Meanwhile, Hyderabad police on Thursday questioned one of the accused Saaduddin Malik (18) in connection with the Jubilee Hills minor rape case. Sources say the accused number one (A1) was grilled for six hours. The police have recorded his statements and said the interrogation will continue on Friday. 
The Juvenile Justice Board (JJB) has permitted the Hyderabad police to take four minors into their custody for four days in the Jubilee Hills gang rape case on Thursday. Earlier, the Hyderabad police appealed to the board for an exemption to try the accused children in conflict with law (CCL) as adults. The police officials would grill and record the statements of the accused in the presence of a Judge and will visit the JJB in civil clothes on Friday.

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