Hyderabad: Nurse Accuses Doctor Of Rape And Making Caste, Colourist Remarks Against her

Hyderabad: Nurse Accuses Doctor Of Rape And Making Caste, Colourist Remarks Against her - Sakshi Post

HYDERABAD: A nurse approached the Narayanguda police alleging that she was raped and cheated by a doctor on the promise of marriage on Friday. The woman in her complaint told the police that when she pressed for marriage he had physically assaulted her and abused her to be of lower caste and dark in colour.

As per reports in Sakshi, the young woman in her thirties hailing from West Godavari district was working as a nurse at Mankind Hospital located at Street No-1 in Himayatnagar. Dr. Kotam Sandeep Bharadwaj, from Ramnagar, was working as a doctor in the hospital. He used to harass the nurse while she was on duty and claimed to have loved her. In the month of February 2020, both of them were working on night duty for four days. At that time, Dr. Sandeep Bharadwaj called her to his room and forced himself on her. He promised to marry her though she was of a lower caste and was not fair in colour or had any property, and that it did not matter to him.

She stated in her complaint that at that time she had bled profusely and had to be admitted to a nearby hospital. He then brought her to his flat in Gandhinagar after two days of treatment. The nurse stated that she was raped by the doctor again despite bleeding heavily. The victim who became seriously ill and resigned from her job after a week and went home. She said that the doctor used to harass her by calling her repeatedly on the phone.  He brought her back to the city promising to marry her and again kept her in his flat at Gandhinagar.

 She told the police that he had raped her three times and when she again asked him to marry her, he physically assaulted her and made remarks about her caste and that she could not afford to pay dowry, and also that his parents would not approve of her. The victim approached the police as a last resort and filed a complaint. As per the complaint of the victim, Inspector Rapolu Srinivas Reddy registered a case and is investigating.

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