Hyderabad Man Orders Food Online, Loses 70K in Cyber Fraud

 - Sakshi Post

Food delivery apps have made our lives easier but hackers are taking advantage of the technology to target gullible users and are robbing them of their money.

In a fresh case, a person who ordered food on a popular food delivery app ended up losing a whopping Rs 70,000. The incident took place in Hyderabad. After ordering food on the app, the fraudster disguised as a customer service executive called the user and asked him to click on the link that had been sent to him. The customer, who trusted the fraudster's words, clicked on the link. Immediately, a total of Rs. 70,000 had been debited from his account.

After the entire episode, the victim tried to call him on the number which he had received. The number was switched off. He raised a complaint with the cybercrime division and the police are investigating the case.

This is one of the increasing types of frauds in the country wherein the fraudsters call users in the name of customer care executives and ask the users to click on the link, in some cases, the fraudsters share QR codes to rob users off their money.

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