Hyderabad: Man Bludgeons To Death Elder Brother With Cooker And Escapes

Hyderabad: Man Bludgeons To Death Elder Brother With Cooker And Escapes - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: A man bludgeoned to death his elder brother with a cooker and fled from home. The news had come to light after a police complaint was filed in the Dindigul police station here.

According to CI Ramanareddy's account, a couple named Venkata Sreemannarayana and Varalakshmi from Visakhapatnam came to Hyderabad for employment many years ago. Sreemannarayana, who worked in the Dundigal Air Force Academy, died a short while ago. Varalakshmi was bedridden for the past ten years due to paralysis.

The couple had two sons named Vadapalli Venkatamaruthi Bharath Bhushan (35) and Sai Teja and were living in Church Gagillapur in the Dindigul police limits. Both of them were jobless and were not married either. The brothers would frequently drink and quarrel over petty things.

On the 24th of this month, they both consumed alcohol and had fought with each other. In a fit of rage, Sai Teja allegedly hit his brother indiscriminately with a pressure cooker and Bharath Bhushan collapsed. Highly intoxicated the man went and lay on the floor next to his mother's bed and slept. The mother was helpless and couldn't do anything as she was confined to the bed.

The next morning Sai Teja tried to wake his brother and realized that Bharat Bhushan was dead. Fearing the outcome Sai Teja ran away from home. He later called his friend and told him about what happened.

Police who were informed about the incident sent the body to Gandhi Hospital for post mortem. A case of homicide was registered based on the mother’s statement and the matter is being investigated.

The younger brother fled the house in fear as he was found dead on Saturday morning. The matter came to light later in the evening when I phoned a friend and told him. Bharat's funeral caretaker's body was shifted to Gandhi Hospital mortuary as his mother was in a critical condition.

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