Hyderabad Lady Doctor Harassed By Infatuated Patient

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A woman doctor filed a complaint in the Jubilee Hills police station as a man was harassing her. As per the reports, a man was identified as Vishwanath, a few months ago, he went to a doctor for hair treatment. He said that he liked her and wants to be a friend of her. She warned him and said that she got married and is having children. But, he didn't pay heed to the woman.

He took a flat in the same apartment where the woman was residing in the name of Naga Raju. He used to visit the woman's flat when there was no one in the house and used to give toys to the doctor's son so that he could become close to him.

He had set a GPS device to the car which the doctor uses and used to go where ever the doctor goes. Vexed with Viswanath's attitude, she shifted to another flat. Viswanath also changed his location. The doctor, unable to bear the torture of the man said everything to her husband. He went to warn Vishwanath and he came to know that he was in the TRS leader's home.

The husband of the doctor told the TRS leader to teach a lesson to Vishwanath. But, Vishwanath didn't change his attitude. The couple raised a complaint in Jubilee Hills police station. Police registered a complaint against the TRS leaders and Vishwanath and the investigation is going on.

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