Hyderabad: Father Files Complaint With HRC Alleging 19 YO Son Kidnapped By Woman

Hyderabad: Father Files Complaint With HRC Alleging 19 YO Son Kidnapped By Woman - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: A person named Babu Rao of Sudarshan Nagar on Saturday filed a complaint in the State Human Rights Commission that his son was trapped by a young woman and was prevented from meeting them..

As per reports in Sakshi, the boy was just 19 years old, and the father in his complaint said that he was trapped and kidnapped by the woman with the help of her relatives. She was said to be working in a clothes shop in Hyderabad.

The Gachibowli police registered an FIR and recorded Alex's statement. But the man claimed that the police said he that he was a major, and he could stay anywhere he pleased.

But the father’s contention was that under the Child Marriage Act, marrying at the age of 19 was illegal. He stated that he had filed a complaint in the National and State Human Rights Commission keeping his son's future in mind.

On June 26, Babu Rao filed a complaint at Gachibowli police station that his son Alex had been kidnapped by a young woman. On June 28, both of them were brought to the police station and questioned. The couple showed the police photographs of their marriage and told them that they got married on June 27 in a temple in BHEL. Alex told the police that he would not go back to his parent's place and that nobody had kidnapped him.

Both  Alex and the woman identified as Jyothi had given written notice that they would stay away from their parents and that no one had kidnapped them. With this Babu Rao had no other option but to approach the HRC for help.

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