Hyderabad: Depressed IIIT Student Commits Suicide After YouTube Gaming Channel Views Drop

Hyderabad: IIITM Gwalior Youtuber ends life over 'fall' in viewers to his online channel  - Sakshi Post

HYDERABAD: A student named Dena (23) allegedly died by suicide here on Thursday as he was depressed due to the drop in viewership of his YouTube gaming channel.The deceased student, who was pursuing a course in the IIITM, Gwalior, jumped from the terrace of his apartment in Krantinagar in Saidababad colony in the city, and died on the spot, police said.     

He was residing at an apartment here with his parents and currently studying through online classes for his course, police said. His father is a senior employee in the railways and his mother is a scientist in DRDO.

On Wednesday night after his parents returned home, they found him sleeping in his room and did not wake him up, but he allegedly committed suicide by jumping from the building in the morning hours. The watchman found him dead on the ground, police said. As per the statement given by his mother to the Saidabad police station, the boy was running a channel on YouTube called Selflo He used to upload video-games content on his channel. Off late viewers to his channel had decreased and he was feeling depressed because of that and also he was feeling lonely, she said.     

He wrote a 4-page suicide note which was posted online, where he stated that he did not get support and there was a lack of proper guidance from his parents including on his career due to which he reportedly got disturbed. The student also mentioned several incidents that took place in his life, including being abused and that he had suffered in his life.

He also released a selfie video sharing his feelings about the drop in views and that he was not happy. He also uploaded the videos online, Unfortunately, nobody responded to either the note or the video that he posted online. As per the CCTV footage recovered from the building, he was seen going to the terrace from where he jumped off. Saidabad Police have registered a case of suicide and are conducting an investigation.

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