Hyderabad: Brothel Raided Near Jawaharnagar, 3 Rescued

Hyderabad: Brothel Raided Near Jawaharnagar, 3 Rescued - Sakshi Post

Three people were rescued during a raid on a brothel house in Hyderabad, while four others were arrested.

Hyderabad: The Jawaharnagar police arrested six people on Wednesday, including three women, for allegedly organising prostitution. Three victims were rescued by the police.

The team arrested Balapuram Prasad (32), an auto driver who was organising prostitution at a residence in Shivajinagar after receiving a tip. According to police, they were bringing women from different parts of the country under the guise of work and forcing them into prostitution.

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Inspector S Chandrasekhar of Jawaharnagar stated, "They were collecting between Rs 2,000 and Rs 3,000 from each customer."

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