Hyderabad Airport Customs Officials Seize Gold Paste From Dubai Travellers

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Two arrested at Hyderabad airport, gold weighing 1.4 kg and worth Rs 69.60 lakh, has been seized.

Hyderabad: Yet again another two caught smuggling gold. Customs officials at the Hyderabad airport caught two passengers who arrived from Dubai with gold weighing 1.4 kg. The gold seized was in paste form, inside a torch and in the waistband.

Dubai is so rich in gold; whoever visits wants to buy some gold for them. But one should declare the bought gold at the customs section at the airport. Then there would be no problem. With specific inputs, customs officials interrupted two passengers who arrived from Dubai.

The officials questioned the two passengers; it was found that one of the passengers had concealed gold biscuits in a torch. And the other passenger was found with suspicious material concealed in his waistband. The passenger had a custom-made cloth around the waist of his trousers and gold in paste form was concealed in it.

 The investigation is in advance about the two passengers, they were arrested. The gold brought from Dubai weighed 1.4 kg and is worth Rs 69.60 lakh.

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