High Drama in Meerut Market As Woman Beats Up Cheating Husband In Public For Buying Clothes For Girlfriend

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High Drama was witnessed in Meerut's Shastri Nagar, Central Market on Monday when a woman caught her husband red-handed buying clothes for his girlfriend. The wife angered by his betrayal, started thrashing him in full public view, following which a huge fight ensued between them. The other woman fled the scene sensing trouble there.

According to reports, Adnan and Ayesha got married a year ago. Ayesha alleged that soon after the wedding, her husband started ill-treating her and often beat her up too. She also suspected him of cheating on her and so she followed him when he went to the market on Monday morning. At the market, she spotted her husband with another woman at a shop. When they came out of the shop, Ayesha grabbed her husband and started beating him.

Upon receiving information, Nauchandi police arrived there and tried to stop the fight. The cops then asked both of them to come to the police station where Adnan claimed that he had already divorced her; However, he was unable to produce any proof of the same. He also alleged that Ayesha wanted to kill him.

Meanwhile, the woman rubbished his allegations and filed a complaint of domestic violence against him. A social worker also reached the police station and demanded strict action against him.

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