Harassed By Loan Sharks, Peddapalli Man Leaves Suicide Selfie Video After Consuming Pesticides

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PEDDAPALLI: The online loan apps case is getting bigger and deeper by the passing of each day. Everyday, we see a new person coming into the clutches of these loan sharks. Another man succumbed to the harassment and pressure by these sharks and ended up taking his own life.

DMN Santosh Kumar (36) took his own life last week, unable to bear the harassment received by the loan providers. The matter was brought to the police by one of Kumar’s friends, who lodged a complaint recently.  

The victim took his life by consuming pesticides. He recorded the entire thing in a video and took his own life on camera. Kumar lived in Malkapur, Maharashtra and was working at a Chemical factory, Ramagundam Fertilizers and Chemicals Limited, confirmed NTPC police.

This native of Visakhapatnam took loans from five different apps, which amounted to a total of Rs 51,000. These apps were Udhaar Loan App, Reepay Loan App, AAA Loan App, Rufilo Loan App and Loan Gran App.

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He was pressured by the callers into paying back the amount in a very less time. With high interests and less time, Kumar could not pay back in time. The loan employees started harassing and pressurizing him, unable to bear this, he finally gave up.

The incident took place on December 18th around noon. He shared the video of him consuming pesticide to his friend BNS Subramanyam. Neighbors rushed him to the nearest hospital where he died while undergoing treatment.

NTPC Sub-Inspector, Swaroop Singh said that they are investigating the matter and have now filed a case against the mentioned five online loan apps. 

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