Haiti Jailbreak: Hundreds Run Away From Prison, Infamous Gang Leader Among 25 Dead in Violent Breakout

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A violent jail break took place in Haiti and it is being considered as one of the most brutal jail breaks in history. Around 400 prisoners escaped from a jail in Haiti and also a gang leader was encountered during the chase.

It was reported that in the prison break that took place in the capital Port-au-Prince on Thursday, the total number of prisoners escaped has reached 400 with 25 people dead in the chaos. Among those who lost their lives were also 6 prisoners and Divisional Inspector Paul Hector Joseph. He was in charge of the prison.  It was also confirmed that few ordinary citizens also lost their lives as prisoners killed them while escaping.

Among those dead was also a notorious Gang leader Arnel Joseph who was shot during the chase, post prison break. He was trying to flee on a motorcycle while the police were chasing him. Near a checkpoint, police shot him as Joseph was trying to attack the officers.

"Arnel Joseph was killed while he was attacking the police officers. The officers were chasing his motorcycle and police responded to the attacks, Joseph was dead.”

This is not the first time that Joseph tried escaping prison. Earlier in 2010, 2017 and also in 2020, he tried to make his escape. Joseph was allegedly the leader of a criminal gang that has committed many offenses.

After failing to escape prison in 2019, this was Joseph’s second attempt and this time he succeeded in escaping the Croix-des-Bouquets prison but the police chased him down.

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