Guntur Man Jumps Into Krishna River To End Life Over Domestic Squabble

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A woman loved and married two different men around the same time.

They later parted ways over the dispute but he could not forget her and gave his life.

Love marriage with another young man while she was still married to the former.

Guntur: The love marriage of a young man who went to Visakhapatnam for a job became a tragedy. Shortly after the wedding, the situation changed due to a quarrel with his wife. Eventually, he took his own life.

Balaji, who is an only son, belongs to Punyasamudrankundi, of Tavanampally Mandal, in Chittoor District. After completing hotel management, Balaji worked in a hotel in Tamil Nadu. Later he got a job in a hotel in Visakhapatnam. During this time he fell in love with a girl from Tadichetlapalem and married her. The parents, who did not want them to get married, admitted the girl to a hostel in Vijayawada.

Balaji also went to Vijayawada after learning that the girl was in a hostel after leaving Visakhapatnam. Again for a few days, there were quarrels between the two. They became separate slowly.

Again the girl fell in love with another young man from Pamidimukkala of Krishna district. She married the other man again. However, Balaji could not forget her and he kept harassing her more and more. He got into a fight with the other young man she married. When the incident came to the notice of the police, Balaji and the girl were called to the station and given counseling.

Balaji, however, did not change his behavior. The girl parent's put her up at their relatives' house in Ajit Singh Nagar, Vijayawada. Balaji climbed the building where the girl was staying in December last year and threatened to commit suicide. The police took him into custody and conducted counseling.

The girl objected to the counseling and as she was against reconciling with Balaji, the police sent her back along with her parents. He wrote a suicide letter saying that the police did not pay attention to his words and that he was deeply offended. After writing this later he went to the Krishna River near Tadepally and jumped taking his own life. The body was taken out after the VRVO identified and informed that there was a body near Sitanagaram, Prakasam Barrage. The love affair and plight came to light with a letter from the deceased.

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