Guntur Man Gets Daughter's Lover Murdered

 - Sakshi Post

In a horrific incident, a man brutally killed a young man by severing his hands and legs as the victim was in love with his daughter. This incident occurred at Koppuravuru of Pedakakani Mandal in Guntur district.

As per the police reports, a young man Venkatesh fell in love with a girl studying intermediate. They both belonged to the same village and they wanted to marry. But the girl’s parents did not accept their love and Venkatesh was reprimanded by the elders and warned him.

Sometime later, when the girl’s father came to know that she was still in touch with Venkatesh, he sent some people to attack Venkatesh on Tuesday night. They severed his limbs and was beaten up brutally.

He was later admitted to the hospital where he succumbed while undergoing treatment on Wednesday. They went to the police station and surrendered. The police registered a case against the incident and are investigating.

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