Guntur: Husband Killed Wife Over Suspicion Of Extra-marital Affair With SI

 - Sakshi Post

A few days ago, a woman was stabbed to death by her husband in Guntur. Police have registered the case and arrested the accused. On interrogation, the accused have revealed some of the shocking news. He said that he had killed his wife as the SI in the police station had an affair with his wife and tortured him.  

Going into the details, nine years ago, a Guntur man married a woman of the same district. He has been addicted to alcohol and used to fight with his wife all the time. He used to torture her mentally and physically. The woman who was vexed up with the behaviour of her husband registered a complaint in the nearby police station. She met a SI in the police station and both of them became close soon. They used to chat through their mobiles. 

The husband of the woman who came to know about the affair between the SI and his wife warned her to stay away from the SI. But she didn't pay heed to her husband. The SI used to call the husband of the wife stating that he was conducting interrogation based on the complaint filed by his wife and used to torture him. The accused further told that he was unable to bear the torture kept by the SI. He said that SI wantedly filed various cases on him and has been harassing him.

He asserted that he had to go to the same police station to register a case on these matters and couldn't imagine how that SI would react. He further added that vexed with all these, killed his wife. 

It is learned that the SI (involved in the case) told the higher officials that he would take up the case and had taken the accused into custody. Police are investigating in all the possible angles to know the actual truth in the case.

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