Guntur Cop Falls To Death While Chasing Lizard

 - Sakshi Post

GUNTUR: Mystery behind the death of Nellore CI Kakarla Sesha Rao was solved.  Earlier, everyone thought that the death of Sesha Rao was a suspicious one, but the truth came out after the CCTV footage was closely monitored.

As per details, before his death CI Sesha Rao went to a woman's house to discuss the issue of his daughter's medical seat. After that, he spotted a lizard near the elevator and tried to shoo it away. And while doing that he fell from the top of the building. 

He was immediately rushed to the hospital and he died while undergoing treatment. His fall was recorded by the CCTV in the house which had four cameras . 

The Police earlier thought that it was a suspicious death but they are now clear about the cause of death--that the CI died while he was chasing a lizard. 

Police said, "Shesha Rao went to meet a woman at her house in Pandaripuram, Guntur on March 7 to talk about his daugther's medical seat. He tried to remove the lizard present near the elevator at around 9 pm. During this process, he slipped and fell from the second floor."

After this incident, the son of the woman alerted the CI's family members. On March 8, the CI died while undergoing treatment. The dead body of CI was taken to Guntur GGH for a post-mortem. The police have recorded the statement of CI's wife Madhura Vani and a case has been registered. 

He was working as VR at Nellore SP office following some complaints against Shesha Rao in the past. It is also said that he had been suffering from mental illness for the past few days.

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