Fake Agents Who Killed Clients To Claim Insurance Scam Money Held In Nalgonda

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Hyderabad: Nalgonda district police are investigating a gang allegedly committing murders in the name of collecting their insurance money. The insurance amount in some cases, claimed by the gang was almost Rs. 50 lakhs.

On Wednesday, February 24th, a man named D. Koti Reddy (42), a liquor store worker from Kondrapole village in Nalgonda district. He was found dead.

The body of Devireddy Kotireddy, a resident of Kondrapole in the Damacharla zone, was found a week ago on Friday, at the Narkatpally-Addanki road. His wife convinced his family members that he had died in a tractor accident. However, his parents, who saw injuries on Kotireddy’s body during the funeral, lodged a complaint with the police.

The insurance scam came to light when they arrested and interrogated Kotireddy’s.

Insuring many people in the tribal areas of Nalgonda district the gang is killing innocent people for the insurance money.  People have been brutally murdered and portrayed as accidents for insurance money.

The Police have arrested a gang who forcibly insured sick people and then killed them and laundered insurance money. Till now, the gang has killed five people in the last three years.

Along with them, a total of 17 accused in these murders for the last few years have been arrested and are being investigated by the Nalgonda district SP AV Ranganath for the past few years.

Initially, the gang collects the details of the sick people in the remote tribal areas and they will persuade their families to take insurance. They used to make an agreement with the family members that, only 20 percent of the claim will be given to the family and the rest will be theirs. After few months, the gang kills the sick ones and will portray it as an accident. They take an FIR from the police and claim insurance with its help. Bank staff is also managed with bribes, along with third-party members who come to trial.

Police are interrogating a few suspects to find out details about the scam.  An insurance agent is arrested by the police while another accused managed to escape.

It has been revealed that earlier also a man in Miryalaguda, who was insured for Rs 1 crore and was believed to have died in an accident. The gang gave his wife 20 percent of the insurance money and the rest was shared by the gang members. In 2018 also a man, who was killed in Guntur with insurance of Rs 50 lakh, police said. The insurance agent arrested in that case was out on bail and it is said that he is back to committing atrocities again.

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