Egypt Train Derails: Hundreds Hurt, 11 Die

 - Sakshi Post

In a terrible train accident, at least 11 people were killed and 98 injured in Egypt on Sunday. The train went off the tracks near the city of Toukh, north of Cairo, said Egypt's Ministry of Health. Videos on social media showed wagons overturned and passengers escaping to safety along the railway.

More than 50 ambulances were dispatched by the Ministry of Health to rescue the injured from the crash. The Egyptian Railways Authority said it was still investigating why the train, which was heading from Cairo to Mansoura, derailed.

"During the passage of train No. 949/3209 heading from Cairo to Mansoura, at 13:54, 4 cars derailed near Sandanhour station (near Toukh)," the Egyptian Railway Authority said in a statement.

The health ministry said that at least 98 people were injured, with most of them suffering from broken bones, cuts and bruises. Salvage teams could be seen searching for survivors and removing the derailed wagons.

At Banha University hospital, people lined up to donate blood for the crash victims. Families were also present looking for loved ones who had been travelling on the train.

Three weeks ago, on March 25, two passenger trains collided in the province of Sohag, killing at least 32 people and injuring 200 others, including children. Police said they found that mere negligence of railway employees was the reason behind the deadly 25 March crash, which caused a public outcry across the country.

Hundreds of train accidents are reported every year in Egypt. In February 2019 an unmanned locomotive slammed into a barrier inside Cairo’s main Ramses railway station, causing a huge explosion and a fire that killed at least 25 people. That crash had prompted the then transportation minister to resign.


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