East Godavari Man Turns Crorepati By Printing Fake Currency Notes Watching YouTube Videos

 - Sakshi Post

Police have arrested a man for allegedly printing fake Indian currency by watching videos on YouTube at his residence. The accused has been identified as Krishna Reddy and he is a resident of Anaparthi district of East Godavari district. He was arrested on Thursday and taken into remand. 

Ibrahimpatnam Police registered a case on June 23rd on Dulam Sai, Gotimukkala Ravi Shankar, Bhimavarapu Yagna Pradeep, Naga Malleswari as they have fake currency. Police started an investigation to find the exact truth. With the available information, police took a man who is working in a petrol bunk into custody. Later, Krishna Reddy, the main accused was arrested. 

Going into the details, Krishna Reddy through YouTube videos learnt the making of fake currency. A printer, scanner and cutter were recovered from the house of the accused. Police said that the accused used to print the fake notes of Rs. 200 and Rs. 500. He used to print Rs 200 and Rs. 500 on paper available at stationery shops, then cut them neatly exactly to the size of the original notes. They are hardly noticed by the people.

According to the reports, the accused has saved nearly Rs. 2 crores by printing fake currency.  Police took Krishna Reddy, Dora Babu of Ibrahimpatnam and four other youths who had been supporting the main accused into custody.

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