East Godavari Man Leaves Wife For Another Woman

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East Godavari: Two families recently went to the police station over an extramarital affair. Such cases have been on the rise and the presence of a third person has created a lot of problems between spouses. Every day, we keep reading countless news related to such atrocities.

A woman flew to Kuwait for employment to support her family. The husband, who could not be alone, escaped with another man's wife. The two were under suspicion after both flee from their respective homes.

The victim's husband went to the police station and said, "Bring back my wife."

But the twist here is that they are not the only ones who escaped from their homes. The full details of the incident in the East Godavari district are given below.

A man named Krapa Rajkumar lived in Irusumandal, Ambaji Peta Mandal, East Godavari District. He had three daughters. His wife immigrated to Kuwait for employment to support the family financially.

Each month, she would send money to pay off their debts and for their children's education. However, Krapa Rajkumar had an extramarital affair with a woman named Nedunuri Sugunakumari from the same village. With the affair, their bond strengthened with time, and eventually, the two decided to escape.

Suguna Kumari went out of her house at midnight on March 4. The next day, on March 5, Krapa Rajkumar also escaped from his home. Suguna Kumari's husband Nedunuri Chandrasekhar, who was already aware of his wife's affair, immediately lodged a complaint with the police. He complained to the Ambaji Peta Police that, 'my wife and Krapa Rajkumar escaped together due to their affair'.

However, Krapa Nagraj, brother of Krapa Rajkumar, also lodged a complaint with the police. Taking Sugunakumari and his third daughter with him, Rajkumar left a mystery behind for the police to crack. Krapa Nagraj complained to the police, hoping that they would do something to stop this. Awaiting more updates in this case.

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