Drunk Hyderabad Man Beats Wife To Death

 - Sakshi Post

A man in Hyderabad allegedly killed his wife in an inebriated state. The incident took place in the couple’s home at Takkalapalli Thanda in Yacharam Mandal in Ranga Reddy district. It was on Monday night that the incident took place.

According to the police report, the accused was R.Srinu (50) and the victim was his wife, R.Lalitha (45). The couple worked at a construction site. They often fought and had arguments. Due to Srinu’s constant drinking and money issues, the couple often ended up arguing. Srinu would often come back home drunk and assaulted his wife in an inebriated state.

This has been going on for the past few months. On Monday night again, Srinu came back home in a drunken state. Lalitha became angry and start questioning him. She argued and scolded him for wasting the money on alcohol. This is when Srinu lost it and attacked her.

He grabbed an axe and struck her multiple times with it. Due to multiple injuries and blood loss, Lalitha died on spot.

According to the Police, Srinu grabbed the axe and attacked his wife multiple times. As a result of the injuries sustained, she died on spot. The noise caught the attention of their neighbours who then went to alert the police. Srinu was taken to the police station. An investigation is currently taking place.

Another incident took place in Hyderabad just one day apart. A drunken man killed his wife after they argued. The drunk vegetable vendor killed his wife and later went to the police station to surrender himself.

The couple has been married for eight years. It was a family of four with two children. The two often had fights and ugly arguments. Darshan wanted a separation but it didn’t happen as their families intervened. After living together for some time, the man killed his wife after they had an ugly fight. The man was identified as S Darshan and his wife was Soundarya (32).

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