Depressed Over Not Having Kids, Hyderabad Woman Jumps To Death

 - Sakshi Post

A woman chose suicide due to resentment that she could not have children.

Hyderabad: A woman committed suicide last night within the confines of Keesara police station. In Srinivas Nagar Colony, Nagaram, she committed suicide by jumping from a double bedroom set up by the government upon receiving the information, the police rushed to the spot and she was rushed to Gandhi hospital for post-mortem.

The deceased was identified as K Satya Santoshini, 27, and her husband Pawan Bhagwan hails from Thukkuguda, it has been three years since their marriage. Reports suggest that she chose to end her life over not being able to have children even after attempting to have one several times over the past three years. Unable to cope with the constant scrutiny and pressure and disappointment of not having a child drove her to take this extreme step to end her life. However, there was no mention of a suicide note.

Local CI Narender Goud said the cause of the suicide would be investigated from various angles and the case has been registered and an investigation is underway.

(If you are having suicidal thoughts, or are worried about a friend, or need emotional support, someone is always there to listen. Call Sneha Foundation - 04424640050 (available 24x7) or iCall, the Tata Institute of Social Sciences' helpline - 02225521111, which is available Monday to Saturday from 8 am to 10 pm.)

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