Debt Trap Forces Couple To Poison Son, Commit Suicide In West Godavari

 - Sakshi Post

West Godavari:  Trapped in debt, a farmer-couple administered poison to their one and half year old son and committed suicide by consuming the same, on Tuesday. The incident took place in Kumudavalli village, Pakakodery mandal in West Godavari district.

As per reports, Chide Parasuram (45) and Dhanasavithri (30) who were farmers along with their son Nagavenkat Srinivas went to a grove in Sarugudu near Kumudapally and committed suicide there.

Before consuming poison, they sent messages to their relatives on Whatsapp after which the relatives rushed to the place only to see that the three were already dead.

Dhanasavithiri who hailed from Athhili was introduced to a woman named Chodisetti Hyma from the same village. Hyma was into running chits and lending money on high interests. Falling  for quick money Dhanasavithri gave her nine lakh Rupees. Hyma later told Dhanasavithri that if she got money from others for less interest, she would in turn pay her Rs 5 for every hundred Rupees. Believing her words, the couple borrowed more than Rs 25 lakhs from their relatives.

In the meanwhile Hyma filed for an Insolvency Petition. Getting to know of the IP, Dhanasavithri's relatives started pressuring her to return the money. It was alleged that Hyma had taken close to Rs One crore from many people around the area.

She was said to have followed the advice of a constable from Eluru and filed for IP and was said to be absconding. Realising they were cheated and unable to repay the  huge amount, the couple ended their lives.

Police registered a case of suspicious death and are investigating the matter.

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