Cyber Criminals Create Fake ID Of Guntur Police On Facebook, Fleece Money From People

 - Sakshi Post

Guntur: Miscreants impersonating government officials have been on the rise in recent times. The number of fake IDs on the popular social networking site Facebook too has gone up. Incidents of opening fake accounts in the name of celebrities and committing financial fraud have become common these days. It appears this problem is inevitable for the common man.

Recently, a fake account appeared on Facebook under the name of Guntur Urban Police. Messages were being sent from this account to other Facebook users seeking urgent cash. The account was registered under the name Guntur Urban Cops.

Guntur Urban SP Ammireddy alerted the staff. Guntur cyber police, who took over the case, deleted the Facebook account made under fake ID. Responding to this, Urban SP Ammireddy clarified that this was a fake account and they were not asking for money from anyone. He said no one should accept friend requests sent in the name of Guntur Urban Cops. He also warned the gullible public to be vigilant against cybercriminals. He also said that one can Dial 100 for awareness of cybercrimes or call 86888 31568 for information.

Recently, cybercriminals hacked the Facebook account of Guntur traffic sub-inspector Srihari and sent messages to his friends saying it was a medical emergency and wanted money.

Similarly, the Guntur Urban Police Department has now been targeted. Moreover, Kakinada City MLA Dwarapureddy Chandrasekhar Reddy also was targeted and a fake Facebook account was created in his name and people were cheated for money. Many people are facing cyber scams on Facebook all the time.

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