Cyber Crime: Hyderabadis Lose Lakhs to Fraudsters 

 - Sakshi Post

Cyber criminals are looting money from the gullible public. Residents of Hyderabad are increasingly falling prey to them. Recently, a resident from Himayatnagar working at Manappuram Gold company is said to have lost nearly Rs 30 lakhs.

The cybercriminal claimed to be the head of a company and took the login ID and password from two employees. He then collected Rs 15 lakh from each account. The company’s superiors realized that they had been cheated and then immediately lodged a complaint with the Hyderabad Cyber Crime Police.

Besides this, the cyber criminals robbed another Rs 53 Lakhs from the Nimra Ser Glass technology MD in Masab tank, Hyderabad. The victim had made an agreement for the purchase of material with the criminals who pretended to be an international company head, thereby falling into their trap, he transferred the money when they asked for some advance.

Later, the victim contacted the concerned officials and learned that he was cheated. He complained about the incident to the Cyber Crime Police. The police registered both the cases and are investigating them. 

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